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  1. That is a scary thing to do and not everyone is gifted in such a way. How many people in gatherings right now have had to start their own? Probably one person started it and they rest came with invitation, because there is certainly no word of mouth. It seems these gatherings hide themselves. Kat who with such enthusiasm said “Yes.” didn’t start the group she’s in. I hate to say it Jim, but as you said in a post I think we are seeing the demise of OC. I know literally hundreds of people (from FB) who want this and have never seen it or been invited, it’s almost like an illusion someone made up and doesn’t really exist. Where are you all?? Personally I think these gatherings are really very few and far between. I personally know two couples who moved across the country to have it. Not everyone is able to do that. I am to the point of giving up on this fantasy, or so it seems.


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