Feed the Need

Sorry, but when your “revelation” of Jesus looks a lot like you, I’m not impressed.

And when “deeper life” is merely reinforcing your own postmodern proclivities and sensibilities, I’m likewise not impressed.

Nor do I find a persistent inability to be part of a healthy, local fellowship to be a virtue.

Really, didn’t you get the memo? Postmodern angst just ain’t that compelling or counter-cultural anymore.

So I guess you’re gonna need another shtick.

How ’bout helping the poor?

But that begs the question: What, in all honesty, are you now doing that’s any different than what anyone else might do apart from Christ?

Radical? Hardly.

Sorry, I just don’t think that’s gonna feed your need either.

Even forbidden affections with sweet young things half your age didn’t feed the need, did it?

Spiritual narcissism in search of meaning inevitably keeps hitting dead ends.

There’s yet time to break the cycle, to come clean, and to openly confess and repent.

Choose wisely.

~ Jim


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