I Wanna Mega House Church

I spit out my coffee laughing when I first saw this. I was so surprised, I couldn’t help it.


Satire and humor are great tools to convey simple truths.

What do you think?

I minister a lot to younger Christians who often express themselves to the Lord in rap, so I can really get into this.

In the meantime, I think the Lord’s telling me to add a huge, expensive addition to my living room with all those extra tithes and offerings we’ll be collectin’ as the fellowship that meets in my home becomes a mega house church…

… and maybe my dining room can be bumped up in size so we can seat even more people at our mega house church communion meals

… and as I’m thinking ahead, how ’bout a larger swimming pool – you know, Lord, just to handle all those upcoming mega house church baptisms

… then again, Lord, I hear there are some mega estates on the market with mega houses

… with mega yards

… and with mega amenities

… that I know would meet my (oops, our) new mega house church vision just perfectly …

… Lord, you listening?

… Lord???

~ Jim  😉

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18 responses

  1. I watched this just after you posted it, and now I can’t get the song out of my mind. I’m worried about the subliminal effects. If I need to extend my living room I’ll have to sue you.


  2. Yes – it’s a catchy tune, it’s very amusing – but it’s also thought provoking and a little sad. There are real dangers that this little video highlights rather well. Pray that we don’t walk blindly into them 😦

    I wonder which of those dangers are the ones we’re most at risk of? What do you think?

    Thanks for posting.


  3. Sad indictment of the evangelical branch of Christianity in America. Surely many Christians are sheep that like to be entertained and spoon fed. Lord, have mercy.


  4. It’s a big, big, big , house. If the earth is the Lord’s footstool? And we already have bouncers. They are called angels. The church is where two or more are gathered in Christ’s Name. I can’t imagine gathering without Him being there, and yet I am guilty of not always inviting Him. Sanctification, it’s a life long process. And life is eternal.


  5. Great satire to serve up a serious dish. When the concept of House Church becomes popular, it will be co-opted by Churchianity. Good thing the gospel of Jesus Christ can never be co-opted; it’s too offensive to the carnal-minded.


  6. Still laughing Jim – having seen both sides and really enjoying the home Church I am now part of (it’s been going 30 years and quite different from some other. Absolutely hilarious


  7. Funny stuff Jim, It reminded me of back in the ’70’s and 80’s of the Shepherding movement that saw the need to break the church into small groups, each having their own shepherd that met in his home during the week, hence the need for each shepherd having very large, opulent homes, you know-to meet the needs of the sheep(sure). Each small group tithed to that Shepherd, they had a good thing going.;-)


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