“If you want to know who the true Christians are, ask the poor, the imprisoned and oppressed. They will tell you.” ~ Gandhi

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  1. Of course…

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is a pompous fool.

    Of course, I know many who claim the Name who are pompous fools.


    (written today from Mysore, India)


  2. God can even use an animal to speak to you, the truth of the matter is every religion or individual believes there is a supreme being,even the so called atheist.The problem or difference is the means to this Supreme being. So this supreme can talk to any one he chooses.


  3. good quote. unfortunately the poor are often most vulnerable to predators… certain denominations target them and take advantage of their desperation.
    But yes the point of the quote still stands. shalom.


  4. “If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.” – Mahatma Gandhi


  5. I agree…Yup!

    …what i find curious and a cop out on Gandhi’s part is the second quote posted by Derrick…it’s a good challenge to the Church to step up, but he seemed to imply that he truly believed Christ to be the Truth above all other truths…how come he didn’t challenge himself in the same vein as he did Christians…


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