Hospitality and the Kingdom of God

Playing Chicken Feet

Yesterday, like we often do, we had family and friends – some old, some new – over for supper and fellowship. Marianne cooked the main dish, I put on a big pot of coffee, and they brought everything else.

Because it was Easter, we opened our home to folks who didn’t have family in the area and invited them to spend the day with our family. They included guys from several fellowships we’re linked to, and some not in any church.

After the meal, we all helped clear the table and Marianne pulled together a group to play Chicken Feet – a game that’s lots of fun and allows undistracted talking, laughing, kidding and just good fun.

I’m not as much into table games, so I chilled out in my easy chair and enjoyed a nap and then chatting with folks – including two guys who wanted to talk over some questions about the church they host in their home.

It was an afternoon marked by peace, acceptance and friendship.

The older I get, the more I realize how much the Kingdom of God runs on hospitality.

~ Jim Wright



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  1. I was looking for your Mom and Dad in the picture. I hope Commander Wright is doing ok. We have a long road to take on this Journey. I pray every day God would end this pain and suffering all these people are having.


    • Thanks, Don. You have been a huge help as my dad’s dementia continues to deteriorate. His biggest struggle right now is that he can’t always come up with the words needed to say what he’s feeling. Otherwise, we’ve been doing fairly well figuring out how to love and support him as his condition keeps changing – although it is a huge challenge.

      BTW, my mom loves the chair she got from you, and your wise advice and suggestions have been invaluable. My dad loves having folks around, so feel free to keep coming over!


      • Jim, I will continue to visit as I am able. My wife even through I have a lot of support from Livin Rite Home Health,health is going down as your dad’s is. I am happy your Mom gets some joy out of that chair. Please know that the struggle for the right words goes down hill as the disease progressed. He knows what he is saying but the wrong words come out that often we can not understand. I am now in Physical Therapy as i pulled a muscle in my back. I do need to talk to your Mom about Home Based Primary Care for CMDR. Not sure if he will qualify as he is still able to get around but it doesn’t hurt to try. I will call or visit your Mom this week.


        • Thanks, Don. The one constant with dementia is that there is no constant. That makes it doubly challenging for those trying to provide care, and triply so if they then have their own health issues. Frankly, if it was not for the folks who are part of our various fellowships – as well as others like yourself – I’m not sure we could have made it through the last several months as we’ve dealt with all this while also dealing with some major health issues within the rest of the family. Thanks again for all you’ve done. Is there anything we can now do to help you? Send me an email.


  2. This is lovely!
    When we’re adopted in to God’s family, and we realize our true identity as children of God, it’s so wonderful to act it out in a way you have described above. I’ve also heard that opening up our home in hospitality is only a picture to what we ought to be doing with our heart – opening our heart to others and allowing them to see the mess and vulnerability. 🙂
    Blessings!! 😀


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