House2House Ministries and “Apostolic” Networks?

House2House Ministries: Because there's always room for one more book, blog or conference telling us how to, by those who don't do.

It’s time for the organic and simple church community to move beyond unbiblical mutual promotion networks by self-appointed “apostolic workers” and “church planters” who write enticing books and blogs, but generally have no consistent history of being in any functional local fellowship themselves or actually creating sustainable, healthy fellowships among others. Rather than buying into their books, blogs and conferences at House2House Ministries, maybe we need to learn some things instead from Paul’s own life and ministry:

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  1. What is your definition of church. Can you describe church from the New Testament Perspective alone and not from your personal experience and/or beliefs. What is leadership and how is a leader defined? Are you saying that the 5 fold ministry is not for today? Are there no Apostles or Prophets active today? If there are then how are you saying to identify them as such? From your posting I take it that you are against house churches even though they are mentioned in the epistles of Paul quite frequently.


    • Tony, it is because I am committed to the New Testament principles and examples embodied in participatory fellowships that meet in homes and other improbable places, that I oppose those who have thwarted such churches by peddling their own ideas and theories without having the integrity to make them work in their own lives. We can do better than that!

      As to apostles and prophets, folks can disagree on what that may look like today, but there should be no disagreement over the need for them to be rooted in the very kind of fellowships that they keep trying to sell to others.


        • Yes, that’s part of it, along with the general problem of those who peddle their books, blogs and conferences on all things “organic” without successfully living it or having a pattern of being part of a local church like they are promoting.


          • I guess the only caution I see is what people consider Antioch to be. I’ve seen control, which is withcraft in disguise, called accountability. Godly leadership is organic in the sense that God is the one who raises the individual up and all can identify the individual just as one can identify a flower once it emerges from the ground and blooms.

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  2. If we are living in an authentic community, where all people are participating, gifts will naturally rise to the surface. There won’t be a need to announce positions. I have found, since leaving the IC four years ago, that one of the huge challenges is we are programmed to be consumers, and to have an environment where most people participate and engage fully (over time) is difficult at best.


    • Exactly! You don’t attempt to name a flower before it comes out of the ground. Once it emerges from the ground and blossums, all can see the type of flower it is.


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