Jim WrightJim Wright:

Many of my influences arise from involvement in various ministry and leadership positions in the local church over the years, as well as extensive travels and work with Christians who are rebuilding their nations and institutions in former communist countries (see my Ukraine Trip Report).

I have a basically evangelical and essentially reformed Biblical perspective, while also drawing on the rich history of Christian thought from other traditions.

My undergrad degree is in biology, and in the late ’70s I studied apologetics and church history as a graduate student at Westminster Theological Seminary. In the ’80s I was twice elected to local political office and was heavily involved in other forms of elective and legislative politics. I then attended law school and earned my doctoral degree in jurisprudence.

After working for one of the world’s largest law firms in their Washington, D.C., office and then for a boutique firm specializing in environmental law, in the ’90s I formed and built up an international law firm along with several very successful related businesses. That law firm, and it’s associated scientific consulting firm, became the largest practice group in the world within our area of focus.

In late 2004 I started experiencing an extended period of chronic fatigue and then intense joint pains, while also becoming increasingly involved in various ministry activities. Because of my health, I decided in 2006 to give up my extensive legal and business commitments. Following several years of confusing health symptoms, I finally was diagnosed in 2007 with systemic sclerosis (a rare autoimmune condition). Soon after I also stopped all ministry activities to focus on my health and on a deep, painful but transformational work of grace that God was doing in my life.

As my health continued to deteriorate, I lost nearly everything – my health, my wealth and even my family. It was a Job-like experience, but I would not trade it for the world. Despite much initial turmoil, since then I’ve come to know grace, peace and joy as God’s sovereignty has become ever more real in my life. The Lord did a deep work of transformation, as He renewed his joyous life in me and restored the truly important things I’d lost – like love, friendships and purpose. I also met and married a wonderful woman, and daily we experience the wonder of being able to both love and be loved.

The intervening years have been the best of my life, even though complications from my autoimmune condition have slowed me down. As much as possible, I now focus on mentoring others, rather than being on the front lines.

God has used those experiences to allow me to serve Him in new ways that would not have been possible before. I now minister and counsel at the local jail, help mentor a new generation of Christians, and occasionally teach apologetics and theology at a liberal arts Christian college. The Lord has moved me away from the traditional “podium” church and used me to help to start small, simple participatory churches (often in people’s homes but also in unlikely places like inside the local jail), where people can use and develop their gifts as they minister one to another (see Luke 10:1-11, Acts 2:42 and 1 Cor. 14:26).

Crossroad Junction chronicles my thoughts, experiences and life’s journey as I write about the Kingdom of God, all of life, and the state of the church, society and culture. In it, I seek to upload a lifetime of service to the King of Kings from the perspective of someone who has been used by the Lord in academia, politics, law, business, the church, ministry and life in general.

To understand some of what I’ve learned during nearly fifty years of following the Lord, see the Fulcrum Declaration. To gain a better understanding of my own personal journey, see I Am Content.

In the meantime, feel free to add your comments or contact me. I have nothing to peddle or sell. I’m just a brother seeking to faithfully serve the Lord with whatever remaining strength and time He graciously grants me.

I choose life, and invite you to join in that journey!

(c) Copyright 2012, James C. Wright. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Hello Jim,

    I really liked your research and design of the new testament church. I always believed that was the way the church was supposed to function but because of men going away from the book of acts.
    Blessings Chris


  2. Thank you for your post on Woundedness. I have recently been hurt & disappointed by a fellow Christian and, as I walked this morning, praying, I heard God say that I had a wounded heart. When I got back home I searched for info in the Key Word Bible and then online. I came across your blog and knew it was exactly what God was speaking to me/ (I asked Him to get below the hurt & woundedness so I could see what He wanted to do in my life.) He wants to go deeper than the wounds to brokenness. Thank you again for this post.

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