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1. Repentance, Forgiveness and the Kingdom of God

This teaching arises from hundreds of intense pastoral counseling sessions through Fulcrum Ministries. In those sessions, I’ve seen how God uses Biblically authentic confession, repentance and forgiveness to bring quick resolution and lasting freedom from bondage that’s rooted in the lies, hurts and deceptions we carry. That bondage can arise from routine disappointments to extreme situations like sexual abuse, occult ritual practices, childhood abandonment and many other life-crippling situations.

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2. The Church in the New Testament: Its Form, Function and Purpose

“Church” as we’ve come to know it looks nothing like what we see in the New Testament. We can either look to Scripture to define what it means to be the church, or to vain human traditions.

3. The Great Divide: Biblical Absolutes and Relativism

What is true, what is beautiful, and what is moral?

The great divide in Western culture today is between the nihilism of post-modernity and the transcendent values of Biblical Christianity.

4. Developing a Biblical Worldview: Science or Scientific Materialism?

What often is touted in the name of “science” is really an unscientific philosophy sometimes called “scientific materialism”.

5. Developing a Biblical Worldview: Origins — God or Chance?

Does no one plus nothing times blind chance equal everything?

Or did God create the material world of cause and effect?

6. Understanding the Seven Motivational Gifts

What are the seven gifts listed in Romans 12, and the motivations and ways that different people use those differing gifts? More significantly,what is the resulting fruit when your church allows those seven gifts to be fully expressed in its structure, ministries, leadership, meetings and day-to-day fellowship?

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