Fulcrum Ministries

My blog is not the web site for Fulcrum Ministries. Maybe some day we’ll get around to doing that.

In the meantime, here’s some basic information:

Fulcrum Ministries is nothing more than a legal framework – including government recognition where needed for tax or counseling confidentiality purposes – for small gatherings of believers who meet in folks’ homes, jail dormitories, homeless shelters, coffee houses and other improbable places for fellowship and to participate together in the joy of knowing Jesus. We don’t however, call ourselves “Fulcrum Ministries” or anything else – that name’s just a placeholder for legal purposes.

In addition to our various fellowships, some of our other ministries include:

  • Pastoral counseling for folks struggling with life’s issues, centered around the wholeness and healing that God makes available through confession, forgiveness and repentance.
  • Fostering indigenous churches in places where Jesus would have hung out, like homeless communities and the local jail. For example, we mentor inmates in the jail, help them find and use their God-given gifts, and form Christian community where they can grow in their faith and impact others through participatory fellowships.
  • Redemption Homes, where those demonstrating true, Godly repentance from life-controlling behaviors can find residential Christian community, support and accountability as they put their lives back together through Christ.
  • Nathan’s Voice is a ministry of compassion that gives voice to those traumatized and exploited by abusive churches and predatory church leaders. We provide support in the form of vitally needed legal services, advocacy, community, counseling, and emotional and spiritual care — while also helping victims find healing through justice and restitution.

If interested, contact us by snail mail, phone or email.

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