Hypocrisy and Courage

Hypocrisy and Courage

Why is it that folks who refuse to bear witness against sexual predators who exploit young women in our churches, thus condoning the abuse, seem to be the most concerned about young people otherwise staying sexually pure?

Condoning Abuse and Predation

If those folks don’t value the sexuality of our young enough to expose and stop leaders who have become sexual thieves, then why should our young also value sexual integrity?

What stark hypocrisy!

I must add, however, how grateful I am for all who did come forward to bear witness against the evil that occurred over the last several years at a large Assembly of God church in the area. Thank you! Your willingness to step forward, even though it was difficult and it took lots of courage, is making a difference. You have shown the world that there yet remains men and women of integrity in our churches.

Because there has been no repentance, legal charges by the government are pending. Those charges will be published – and names named – once the church at issue, and those involved, have been formally served by law enforcement officials …

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality” – Dante

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