Repentance, Forgiveness and the Kingdom of God

Recorded before a group of men in the local jail, this 55 minute audio teaching explains how we find peace and freedom when we allow God, through authentic Biblical confession, repentance and forgiveness, to change what we think, believe and perceive. That, in turn, allows us to know the righteousness, peace and joy that comes from finding and doing His will — which is what the Kingdom of God is all about.

This teaching arises from hundreds of intense pastoral counseling sessions through Fulcrum Ministries. In those sessions, I’ve seen how God uses Biblically authentic confession, repentance and forgiveness to bring quick resolution and lasting freedom from the lies, hurts and deceptions we carry from life’s circumstances — including routine disappointments to extreme situations like sexual abuse, occult ritual practices, childhood abandonment and many other life-crippling situations.

So here it is, Fulcrum Ministries’ inaugural audio teaching:

(Alternatively, if you prefer to download the audio file to make a copy or listen on your own MP3 player, here it is: Repentance, Forgiveness and the Kingdom of God.)

(c) Copyright 2010, Fulcrum Ministries. All Rights Reserved. However, a limited license is hereby granted to copy and distribute this audio file without restriction so long as it is not done for profit or financial gain, and so long as the verbal introduction and copyright notice at the beginning of the file is included on any copies.

2 responses

  1. This is incredibly powerful. I have never heard you preach before — wow.
    I have heard the ideas, but listening to you present it, realizing the audience, gave me chills. There is no question in my mind that you are called to this…healing…healing…healing.


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