The Storm

The Storm

There is something in the prophetic personality that loves the thunder, the lightning and the storm.

I get a kick out of standing outside and watching the dark, billowing clouds roll in. We feel God’s majesty in turmoil, and know that He often uproots before He establishes.

I think we feel His mercy more deeply, but also differently. Because our personalities are especially attuned to His power and redemptive judgment, we more fully appreciate His grace.

That’s why we embrace the oppressed and battle tyrants, while relishing the storm.

~ Jim Wright


2 responses

  1. I hadn’t thought of the pairing of the prophetic personality and a fascination with storms, but I DID post this earlier this morning in an organic church conversation context where someone observed her desire for that kind of fellowship seemed like “a distant dream.” I replied, ‘All the greatest storms begin in our experience with the deepest, sub-sound rumbles of distant thunders, whispers of winds on the move, invisible atomic changes that add ozone to the air and a freshening to its scent. Maybe all spiritual desires and dreams that will be so begin the same way. The prophetic urges us to remember that God is on the move, His promises are true, His Truth is being established “on earth as it is in heaven.” Amen.’ Then, I read your blog and thought…..ah, the prophetic personality. That explains it all: the storm-stilling, wild-weathered, water-walking bits that can seem theatrical until you see the bright, broad context. Thanks for the reminder, Jim.


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