Jesus, the Living Word

If we deny that God speaks and acts today in vibrant, direct and personal ways, and if we try to box Him in by claiming that He only speaks through Scripture, then how are we different from Muslims? Our faith then is built on the written word alone, and we miss the essential reality of the Living Word.

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  1. The sons of God are those led of God. Those who claim that the written word is the final authority have not the Spirit of God.


    • I hope I am not mistakenly viewed as questioning the authority of scripture. I’m not! Rather, I’m questioning the validity of using scripture as the sole basis for one’s faith – to the exclusion of a vibrant, direct relationship with Jesus (the Living Word).


  2. I agree. While all Scripture is God-breathed and infallibly true, and while there is one correct interpretation to all Scripture when taken in context; there are many applications to Scripture when His breath is experienced in our own lives.
    I believe that the IC way of using Scriptures is just another method that mimics Old Testament religion. So many people today hold to the method of using the Bible as a “law” and seek to be obedient to the law according to how they interpret it, and hope to reap the blessings they believe are promised; much like Israel did with the law of Moses. I was one who lived this way for years. But, because of God’s grace, He has brought me into a vital living relationship with Him, causing my decisions to be based, not on my own understanding of Scripture, but on His immediate and personal word that applies to the situation.
    Again, I agree; and while He may use Scripture as a means of prompting our spirit into action (and no instant word will ever contradict the written word) Scripture is not the sole means of His communication to His people. It says that “the word is near to you, even in your mouth, and in your heart”, so it is in our hearts where Christ has “made His home”, that God truly desires to abide WITH us and share the adventure of OUR (His and mine and yours, too) lives together.


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