McChurch or Going Organic?

People often ask what it’s like being involved in smaller, participatory churches where folks are actively involved during the meetings (and during the week!) in encouraging and ministering one to another, rather than having podium-directed “services”.


Here’s the best analogy I’ve come up with:

Going to enjoy a sermon and the worship team in an institutional church is like going to McDonald’s.

Forming community and participating in organic church is like cultivating and enjoying a healthy, wonderful garden.

One is passive but gives instant gratification. The other takes effort but is much more deeply satisfying – and healthy!

For those of you tired of McChurch and are looking for community and participatory fellowship, understand that you are cutting across the grain. Our entire culture caters to passivity, personal autonomy, instant gratification and stroking our need to always feel good.

Don’t get frustrated that most won’t relate to or join in your journey. Simply let God do His work in you as He makes you ready, and be receptive as He then brings others into your life who likewise are being prepared. That process may take some time, however, as God burns the McChurch mentality out of you. But in time, He will bring the right people into your life. And when that happens, go plant a garden together!

~ Jim Wright



4 responses

  1. To someone who has never know or heard Salvation’s message…even in a MickeyD church it is possible for seeds to be sown. It’s what you do with those seeds as they are planted in a life that count. To stir up our souls to intensify the hunger within that will lead a person to
    1. Read the Bible. 2. Cry out to God. 3. To Expect an answer from God. 4. To realize that Jesus is real and did all of those things that the bible says.
    This leads to If/Then self questions….that lead to a deeper walk/ or search of the gospel.:
    IF Jesus is real [ past, present, future] then it is true “I am a sinner” and I definately need a Saviour!


  2. I’m just glad McChurch doesn’t offer a McJesus, Organic church is more real for sure if you can find it. For many Americans they cannot find the elusive organic garden, because they don’t exist, I keep looking and praying.


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