Herman Cain

Herman Cain

I’m a generally conservative Republican, so it pains me to see presidential candidate Herman Cain stumble. But even more so, I am appalled at the blogs and comments supporting Mr. Cain from folks who, I suspect, were on President Clinton like white on rice when allegations first surfaced about him.

Herman Cain

As Christians, we must speak truth to power, but with integrity and without applying double standards!

I’ve seen this same phenomena in pastoral sex abuse cases that I’ve handled. Folks will defend a pastor who – under the Biblical standard of two or three witnesses like we now have with Mr. Cain – is a confirmed sexual predator, simply because they like him or he helped them in the past. The fact is, sexual predators of all stripes are the most charming, charismatic, and capable people I’ve ever met!

Let me repeat that: Sexual predators are the MOST CHARMING, CHARISMATIC AND CAPABLE PEOPLE you, too, will ever meet.

Certainly, not all the facts are out regarding Mr. Cain. But as someone who has confronted a number of pastors who are sexual predators and worked to bring them to justice, as well as those who stood silent and even protected them, I see some disturbing parallels.

First, the women who so far have gone public regarding Mr. Cain are amazingly similar in physical appearance. That is something that has struck me with the men I’ve dealt with – they all seem to have preferred characteristics with their victims. In fact, I’ve been able to track down victims of serial pastoral predators in some of my cases by simply looking for additional women in their churches who looked like other known victims.

Second, sexual predators seldom go after women who are emotionally stable and healthy. Like sharks sensing blood in the water, they key in on those who are emotionally vulnerable. Thus, don’t be fooled by the attacks against the victims now coming from Mr. Cain’s campaign. I would be surprised if the victims didn’t have some issues in their past or didn’t otherwise have troubled lives. But messy personal histories are no excuse for now dragging them through the mud or calling them liars. The only issue from their past that is relevant, beside the facts surrounding their specific allegations against Mr. Cain, is whether they are known to be honest or dishonest in what they say.

Third, most sexual predators are narcissists who refuse to accept that they did wrong and blame everyone else for what happened – including being exposed. It seems to me that Mr. Cain is showing similar characteristics. As a friend noted on Facebook: “He cannot accept any blame, shows no empathy for others [and] gets angry when he doesn’t have his way. He definitely does not have the emotional temperament to be President regardless of these charges.”

Finally, I see all the time how hard it is for women to come forward to confront their abusers. When they do, it is a tremendous act of courage. Here, there is nothing for them to gain. The women who so far have come forward to accuse Mr. Cain have refused all offers to be paid to tell their stories, and the statute of limitations has run out so they can’t sue him. They have nothing to gain. Instead, they are subjecting themselves to being dragged through the mud by stepping forward, regaining their voice, and speaking out to stop a man who more and more looks to me to be a sexual predator. They have my utmost respect.

I just hope Republicans who were all over President Clinton regarding Ms. Lewinsky don’t have selective, double standards. I see too much of that in the church – and have no interest in seeing it now in how we pick our President.

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  1. “The women who so far have come forward to accuse Mr. Cain have refused all offers to be paid to tell their stories, and the statute of limitations has run out so they can’t sue him. They have nothing to gain.” Not sure about that comment. One women, the latest one appeared on Fox News and was asked whether she would write a book or sell an interview. She said, “umm I dont know.” Well, that’s not saying you won’t. Furthermore, that particular woman went onto another job after working for the restaurant association and guess what? Filed a complaint there.


  2. Marco, thanks for the update.

    Please don’t take this question, however, as an attack. But when the stories started surfacing about Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct – and there was far less supporting evidence at first than we now have regarding Mr. Cain – did you give the President the same benefit of the doubt and question the motives of his accusers? Or, like most conservatives and even Christians, did you quickly jump on those allegations to discredit President Clinton? As a conservative and a Christian, I plead for integrity and that we not bend our principles depending on who is involved. I’m not saying you are doing this, because I don’t know you or your reactions regarding President Clinton. But generally, there has been a hypocritical double standard here.


  3. Amen and amen, Jim. I’ve had personal experience with the church applying a double standard to its predator pastor who, by the way, was that charming, charismatic and capable leader you reference in your post. They are nearly all alike in that regard.

    Maybe you will consider sharing your thoughts on the horrid debacle at Penn State next? I see many similar themes here.


  4. Jim, Did you know that Rev. Herman Cain is also a minister of the gospel? Remember the clip a few days ago of him singing a spiritual gospel tune. Yeah it was kind of creepy. One gal was paid off to the tune of 45 grand. No wonder the others are coming out of the woodwork. Herman is toast. And he looked so good and spoke so well, very capable, just as you said. So, let’s see, we have Newt, with marital problems a plenty. Then we have the two Mormon brothers with their extra scripture. I wonder how they might interpret the U.S. Constitution? Can we expect a Mormon Addendum to the Constitution, the Book of Mitt via Moroni? Let’s see, who is left? Ron Paul? Jim, how about you running as a write-in candidate? I’d vote for you and hey, maybe MacChurch will be your running mate? bd


    • Bruce, on civic issues, I think Mormons and evangelical Christians are in sync. I would never withhold my vote simply because someone is a Mormon. However, I don’t think I could ever vote for Mr. Romney given his flip, flop and flip again on positions regarding key moral issues. Mr. Huntsman also does not appeal to me because of his mushy-middle stands on the issues. I was actually very interested in Mr. Cain, but then he flipped flopped on abortion and this mess about sexual harassment came out. Oh well . . . And thanks for the write-in compliment. But who is MacChurch???? 😉


  5. The difference between Bill Clinton and Herman Cain is the media was and is out to protect Bill Clinton. And the same media is out to destroy Herman Cain. Too many double standards. The same media claims to protect women but trashes Sarah Palin. The media claims to be for all minorities but writes lies about Marco Rubio. And the same media for the first one and only time supported father’s rights when Elian Gonzalez was sent back to Cuba when both his grandmothers and father was for a brief time here in the US. Castro trusted Clinton enough to put them in a military base until they could confiscate little Elian at gun point. No sir, too many reasons to not trust a word the media says. Their word is dirt. With this in mind I have reason to trust Herman Cain. Michael Savage website has a more detailed history about one of the women who accuses Cain. But even these allegations, if true, are nothing compared to what Clinton did. And Cain is the only one who speaks like a straight shooter and not some polished focus group DC Republican. I have had enough of Bush 1 and 2, Dole, McCain, the usual chechered pant Republicans who are too scared to stand up to the media and expose them as the frauds they are.


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