Grace, Mercy and Love

Unless we know truth …

… we cannot bestow grace.

Unless we judge …

… we can show no mercy.

Unless we hate evil …

… we cannot love.

3 responses

  1. Thank you Jim,

    For the second one, I prefer the word “assess”

    We are not to ‘judge’ – as in “The Great White Throne” connotation – but we have to ASSESS in order to live our lives and make our choices.

    I find that in assessing, ….. this is what helps to bring perspective, and God’s Truth about forgiveness and mercy becomes more personal.

    We hate evil, yes, most certainly…….. but we do not have to hate the people who commit it. We can be willing to assess, and not to judge any person, understanding that it is only God who knows the whole picture. Then we can bring the people who do evil to the Throne of Grace and pray that Our Father may have mercy on their souls for the actions which fell so far short of His will.


  2. I’ve heard good teaching that indicates we are not to judge people but we are expected to judge their ministries , teachings, and the outcome of their lives.


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