Hanging On – Part 1

Hanging On – Part 1

We have all heard the expression “hanging on by a thread.” Did you ever stop to think about what it might mean to be “hanging on by a thread”?

Spiders literally hang on by a thread. In fact, their entire web is made of threads. There are many kinds of spider web silk. The dragline silk enables the spider to hang from objects and it also forms the radial spokes of the spider’s web. The dragline silk is only about one tenth the diameter of a human hair, yet it is many times stronger than steel.

Often I feel like I am hanging on for dear life! My comfort lies in the knowledge that my dragline is secured to God, the creator of heaven and earth. He knows me in an intensely intimate way. I have recently been touched by how much He loves me.

One night I was in deep despair. My solution was to call my sister, but she did not answer the phone. So I figured now it was just between the Lord and me.

I got prepared with my handful of tissues and sat on the sofa ready for a good cry. I prayed in the spirit and had my gut wrenching cry for all of about 2 minutes. Suddenly I couldn’t cry anymore. My turmoil was completely gone!

God had, in His mercy, given me His unexplainable, supernatural peace. He didn’t speak. He just brought unimaginable peace.

Once again I realized how much the Lord loves me and that He is concerned about every aspect of my life. My dragline is securely fixed to Him. His strength is far stronger than steel. He wants to be first in my life. He requires my heart. He desires my passion.

So the next time you feel yourself “hanging on by a thread,” turn to the God who created you, me and the spider, and rejoice because He will never let you down.

~ Marianne


6 responses

  1. I have not taken the time to read many of Jim’s Crossroad articles but today a had a few minutes and there was one from Marianne…Good one for sure!
    Love and regards to both of you.


  2. Thanks for sharing your lives with us, both ups and downs. The truth is, the spiders web is very strong in comparison, and the same strand she spins the let her down, may be the strand she climbs up again. 🙂 This walk sometimes get lonely; but we are never really alone. One of my favorite quote has become “You are not alone anymore, we are in this thing together” blh


  3. Wonderful to read such a good and encouraging descri[ption of what’s happening in my life right now! I’ll post it on my frig.


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