I Believe…

I believe in the future, and in God’s sovereign ability to redeem history, nations and cultures.

I believe, because right now there is a fellow believer…

In the hospital quietly holding the hand of a friend recovering from life-saving surgery.

In grad school, heeding God’s call to basic research which will lead to new therapies that save countless lives.

Trudging through the woods, visiting tents, and checking on the well being of homeless women who “fell through the cracks”.

Standing outside an abortion clinic, ministering love and hope to a woman who knows neither.

Experiencing the first blush of lace and the joy of total intimacy on his wedding night, undefiled by the world.

Finding unblemished completion as she gives herself, totally and fully, to the love of her life who valued her enough to wait.

Knocking on doors and putting up yard signs while campaigning to affirm virtue in a swing district.

Gathering with a few friends to pray for their community, their state and their nation.

Searching scripture and reading history to understand God’s precepts – not just for the blessings of individuals, but for the well being of whole nations and cultures.

Sacrificing all to become a mommy and a daddy to half a dozen abandoned kids who they’ve made part of their family.

Working without fanfare as a Congressional intern, far from home, to draft legislation and slowly help restore sound government.

Going to law school to make a difference.

Holding her baby for the first time, and knowing the future matters.

Working diligently in his blue-collar job – as unto the Lord – and being a faithful steward as he provides for his family, his future and for generations yet to come.

Totally dedicated to his kids as he breaks the bondage of his own neglected past.

Doting on her grand kids by day as she exhibits Godly character, and on her knees interceding for them by night.

Helping to carry the furniture and equipment he donated from his business to outfit a crisis pregnancy center across town.

Dropping off groceries to the widow down the street, and staying to talk awhile.

Routinely sharing the hospitality of a meal and the fellowship of a full table to those without family in the community.

Speaking with grace and power of Jesus, and His transforming life, to a co-worker at the end of her rope.

Praying with a stranger in the supermarket who had been brushing away tears from one of life’s unspoken disappointments.

Connecting with a new neighbor over coffee.

Making up the guest bed for a new brother in the Lord just released from jail, with nowhere to go as he starts to put his life back together.

Attending a city council meeting to support a zoning variance for a new faith-based drug recovery house.

Taking a night class at a Christian college to learn how to minister grace and healing to sex abuse survivors.

Sacrificing to start a new business with ethical values, even though it will have a difficult beginning – eventually bringing jobs and blessings to many through an efficient new solution to an old problem.

Sitting in a small, nondescript booth at the local jail, listening to a young man’s hurts and helping him find wholeness in the Lord.

Walking the streets of the worse drug-infested ‘hood in town with another brother and sharing the hope within them to a single mom who finds them so curious, she waves them over to talk and becomes the beginning of a new fellowship that reaches many.

Free of a concept of “church” which drained his resources and energy to prop up another man’s monopolizing vision and calling.

Secure enough to now equip and release God’s people into their own callings, rather than limit them to his own gifts and motivations.

Committed with other believers to living out authentic community and modeling the love of Christ and His truths to a watching world.

I believe…

Because these are not fictional people or fictional scenarios. These are my brothers and sisters in Christ who I have the honor of knowing.

I believe…

Because God is at work yet today in countless ways, through countless men and women who love Him enough to live holy lives and heed His call to go make a difference.

~ Jim Wright


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