Barbeque for Jesus

This picture has great significance for me. It is from one of our fellowships – this one meets in my home on Sundays.

Yesterday, as we gathered together, we prayed and give prophetic words of encouragement over Oscar, a close friend who is moving forward with his road-side pit barbeque business by signing a contract to have a mobile food service trailer built for him (Oscar’s Barbeque). He has worked faithfully towards this moment – as unto the Lord – for two years.

I’ve watched and walked with Oscar as he’s progressed over time, step by step, in growing, proving and succeeding in his business model as part of God’s call on his life.

For the last couple of years, Oscar has conducted his business as a simple road-side stand, but without the full capabilities of a mobile food-service trailer. He listened to wise counsel and first worked out the kinks and learned how to manage in the small things, applying the admonition of Proverbs 13:11 that economic success comes not from haste, but by learning to faithfully grow little by little.

Along those lines, Oscar was willing grow little by little as he learned to overcome obstacles and set backs, and to be a good manager. Now he’s ready to expand by investing in a mobile food-service trailer.

Oscar would not be embarrassed for me to say that we first got to know each other when he was doing time in the local jail several years ago. When he got out, he ended up homeless and lived in the woods. But we stuck with him, because the Lord I serve delights in bringing beauty from the ashes of our lives – even if He first takes us through some hard times.

Through it all, God has given me the privilege of being an older brother to Oscar in the faith. Earlier this year, I had the further privilege of performing the ceremony as he married a wonderful woman.

Oscar has wanted to open his own pit barbeque business since learning the business from his father as a child growing up in Texas. As he’s moved forward in the Lord, over the last several years he’s also been mentored by others (primarily John and Jenny Caro of Jewelry by Design), who likewise are gifted and used by God in the business realm. Although they are not part of our fellowship, we steered Oscar to them and they in turn have been equipping him for works of service as a businessman – which is the field where God has called him. (See Eph. 4)

Oscar listened and was willing to learn basic Godly principles for business as he’s also been developing the discipline needed to be a faithful steward – and now is ready to take the next step. We were privileged yesterday to pray over him and bless him in that endeavor, and to share God’s favor over him through prophetic words of encouragement.

It is impossible to know how this new phase of his business will do. We seldom move forward in God’s calling via a straight line upward. Nonetheless, our fellowships see Jesus and His calls on our lives as relevant for all spheres of human endeavor – as God directs and equips. Jesus in us is expressed through us in all of life.

I find that thrilling!

3 responses

  1. WONDERFUL story about the Father’s faithfulness to Oscar, his wife and his business endeavors! Please give my greetings to Oscar and a commitment to visit his restaurant if I get out that way! Abundant GRACE to you all!


    • Clif, this will be just one more motivation to accept my invite to visit us next time you’re back in the States! Enjoying Oscar’s barbeque is one of the most wonderful, amazing culinary experiences known to man. Seriously. I’ve never tasted better.


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