Spiritual Authority

SowerYesterday morning during fellowship, someone asked how to know if he was walking in the authority that’s ours in Christ.

I thought a moment and said: When I wake up each morning, I’m confident that Satan is more worried over what I’ll be up to that day then I’m worried over what he’ll be up to.

If you have that quiet assurance – rooted not in ego but in your unassuming confidence in Him – then you are walking in His authority.

~ Jim Wright


3 responses

  1. Great! I encounter those who think authority is something we put on like armor, and then go around attacking things (and people). Perhaps I’m missing something, but it seems the quiet confidence we have in our position in Christ is the ultimate defense…not our cleverness or getting it just right.

    I especially liked a scene from Piercing the Darkness by Peretti where the angels and demons were perched in the church watching the people pray, quite oblivious to the spiritual forces, but powerful nevertheless.


  2. Walking in His authority… hmmm… if we comprhend the grace of God, and understand what he has actually accomplished on our behalf, and it is our intention to be doing his work and his will in the earth… then it might not be too hard to simply proceed as though we walk in His authority until he corrects us or turns us in another direction.

    I do know that when He says something, either now by the spirit of God, or in scripture by the spirit of God, then my action taken on the basis of what he said, and considering what he really intended, and considering the response of real love, is under His authority.

    Please do not worrry too much about being offensive in this… we have a good path to follow where many have been offended before us. Worry more about offending the Holy Spirit by rejecting his work in order to not be offensive to people… just saying…


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