Over this past year, the Lord has been teaching me about His timing. I certainly don’t have the answers about timing but here is what I have observed.

First, God has an incredible sense of humor. When I tried to do or make something happen, the humor that God displayed in the answer made me laugh instead of being hurt when He said NO.

Second, the Lord enjoys making Himself known to us. Years ago when I needed direction, I would often ask the Lord to show me so unmistakably that I couldn’t miss His answer. Over and over I was astonished that He would do what I asked and that He could so clearly reveal Himself through circumstances. Thankfully He still does this for me.

Third, the Lord delights in bringing about His will and His plans. Webster defines timing as the “selection for maximum effect of the precise moment for beginning or doing something.” In the gospels Jesus demonstrated that His precise timing was far different than what the disciples or others expected. Lazarus died, the widow’s son died and the man at the Bethesda pool had been an invalid for 38 years. I am sure that each of these people or their families would have picked an earlier timing.

Fourth, when we wait for the Lord’s timing, we always get to see the miraculous, whether it is healing, food on the table, restored relationships, bills paid, a job, a home, a friend or a multitude of other possibilities. We just need to be faithful to the part that we know to do. The timing is in the Lord’s hand. A butterfly becomes beautiful in the Creator’s timing. Metamorphosis has a precise timing.

During this past year I have seen a metamorphosis transpire in myself. Frustration and uncertainty have been replaced by peace and gratitude. This transformation can only come from God and trusting His precise timing. I am thankful that my life is in His hands.

~ Marianne


2 responses

  1. Every event in the life of God’s child and it’s perfect timing is ultimately about one thing only. I say ultimately because He blesses us with both adversity & prosperity along the path to achieve His purpose. His purpose is to transform us into the image of His Son and therefore to reveal His greatness (glory). We often believe His timing & our waiting on Him is the key to earthly blessing. It is, but only as part of revealing His perfect character & conforming us to His own image.


  2. Reading this means a lot to me as I wait on God. That’s what all of us are doing, isn’t it? Waiting for Him to do what only He can do while simultaneously doing what He has called us to do. This waiting makes us dependent, watchful, and expectant like children. And like children, our hearts are filled with joy and delight as we experience God at work, within and without!


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