Marianne and I have a plaque in our home which says:
“One who practices hospitality entertains God Himself.”

This week, look around and make an effort to see those who have no family or are going through hard times – then ask if they’d like to share Thanksgiving with you and your family at your home later this month.

This is love.

If you live outside the United States and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then use some other time of celebration. You will bless, and be blessed!

2 responses

  1. Each year, our home is filled with folks – both friends and soon to be friends. We open our home and invite those who have no family or are going through hard times to be part of our family. Our home is filled with laughter and thanksgiving and just good old fashion friendship. I have made many great, lasting relationships from this.

    We don’t just do this on holidays. Nonetheless, holidays are a great way to start.

    Marianne and I have fun thinking about who we can invite, and have been reaching out already to ask folks to honor us with their presence this Thanksgiving. We also ask around to identify folks who we may not know, but would be blessed with an invitation.


  2. Great! One of the fond memories of my childhood was having piles of folks over for a meal…the relatives and ‘family’ were several thousand miles away but the house was full…and my mother always forgot and had the peas or Lima beans boil over on the stove!

    It seems tougher to arrange where we are now since it is a very insular, rural area where most have EXTENDED family ties nearby and give the impression they have so much family they don’t need more friends. Still, with planning….


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