Contentment can be an elusive state. For me, my contentment usually ebbs and flows. I believe that contentment is a choice. In contrast, peace is a gift from God.

Seven times the Bible commands us to be content.

Contentment is like climbing a steep mountain face. First you have to have the right tools. Then you need the determination to persevere even when your body wants to quit.

What are the tools needed to ascend the mountain? Boots are required for the arduous climb. Your feet must be firmly entrenched in the knowledge that God is sovereign and omniscient. You will need the strong rope of His loving presence because He will never leave you or forsake you. Of course, you will need a pick (the Word of God) so that you can dig into the solid rock on your ascent. Your canteen must be filled from the icy cold well of living water. Your clothing should be layered so that you can adapt to changing temperatures. I have found that with the Lord nothing remains static. Often unexpected twists and turns occur during the climb.

Last you will need to carry the flag named contentment to plant on the top of the mountain. The good news is that the flag of contentment traveled with you along the entire journey up the mountain. It was in your backpack even when you slipped and stumbled. Contentment was always hidden deep inside with your other gear. You just had to reach in and grab hold of it.

The Lord puts different mountains in each of our lives. It then becomes our choice what we do with them. I hope that I can be like Paul and say that I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content.

~ Marianne


7 responses

  1. This is deep and rich, Marianne! The very word that a good friend of mine needs to hear. She just wrote to me a few hours ago about this very subject. And it is just the thing that I need to hear as well. THANK YOU for sharing your life with us and for your constant encouragement, in your posts! Abundant GRACE to you and Jim!


  2. Your views and insites into our walk with Christ is inspiring. Your comparisons to everyday life encourages us to continue our journey to the top of the mountain, ever lasting life with God.


  3. I abandon my contentment when the image in my mind that creates my expectations runs head on into the reality God has allowed in my life. My dream of what life “should be” is never what life turns out to “really be”. My old program tells me that making my dream come true will allow me to be content and yet it is only by relinquishing my dream and allowing God’s dream for me to become my desire can I find contentment. Thanks for your words!


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