Words have the power to not only define, but to create reality – for good or for bad. Too often, we forget the power of words: not only ours, but of God Himself.

power-of-wordsI don’t think it was a coincidence that God spoke the universe into existence, chose to reveal Himself through His spoken Word of scripture, or came to dwell among us as the Word made flesh.

I also don’t think it is a coincidence that God still speaks to us today, or that He has empowered us to speak authoritatively on His behalf.

The Power of Words

My wife and I see folks all the time who come for ministry and healing because of things said to them or about them – as a child or at some vulnerable period in their lives – which became their core reality. Those words were lies, but they created an internal bondage of destructive beliefs that ended up defining them.

Often, those lies are about their identity and worth.

When we meet with them, freedom and wholeness only come when they are able to transparently expose those lies – their core defining beliefs – to the Lord, and are then willing to hear what He has to say as He speaks His gracious words of truth to them in very personal and direct ways.

When they expose their internalized lies and turn them over to the Lord, He always shows up and speaks to them. His words – without fail – displace their old reality and bring an instant new reality of freedom and wholeness. See God Shows Up.

As such, we have been granted the privilege of seeing, time and again, how “His truth will set you free” is more than some abstract theological premise. It is concrete and real.

There are times when I weep when someone leaves after the Lord showed up and spoke His gentle, wonderful words of healing to them. It is a holy, sovereign thing to watch His words destroy their lies, hurt and bondage and create truth, wholeness and freedom.

I know the power of words. Daily, I see the bondage they bring when misused, and the liberating freedom they create when God speaks.

Our Words

We too have the power – because we bear His likeness and image and are delegated to be His stewards over creation – to create or destroy with our words.

With our words, we can create what is good and virtuous.

With our words, we can destroy what is good and virtuous.

With our words, we can create realities that cause bondage.

With our words, we can destroy strongholds of bondage.

What we say has great significance, because it often is internalized and becomes real in others – and in ourselves. Our words also can change the dynamic reality of any given situation, and determine the outcome.

Our words can be for blessings, or for curses – and sometimes both are needed.

When I write, teach or minister, I try use my words to create realities, or to destroy realities – either by affirming that which produces good and virtuous fruit, or by opposing that which brings bondage.

We all have that power to create or destroy – either for good or for bad – and I’m always very conscious of it, even if I’m not always perfect in how I use it.

Having Confidence

God promises that His words will not return void but will accomplish all that He intended – and then gives us authority to speak on His behalf, both for unleashing what is good and virtuous and for binding what is not. (Is. 55:11, Matt. 16:19)

Let us then boldly let Him speak still today, while also speaking on His behalf, with confidence that we are bringing His transforming reality into our lives, the lives of others, and the world around us.

And if these few feeble words help create that reality in you, then I am content.


4 responses

  1. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can live with me forever…..it is much easier to forget physical abuse, than verbal. Harmful words so easily slip off the tongue, but so very hard to reverse the effect. God help us to control our tongues, and may they be used for healing, deliverance and love, not destruction.


  2. I’m glad you wrote this short article, Jim. It contains a lot of truth, and some of it is often buried truth in the sense that we may not often take it out and look at it and make it ours.

    To remember that our words go out in powerful ways should make us far more careful about using them – careful to bless and encourage and build up. And also bolder in using them – bolder in binding and tearing down.

    The enemy uses words too. He’s been misleading and deceiving since the day he deceived Adam and Eve. He’s been binding and tearing down good things just as we are to bind and tear down his works of darkness.

    He can’t prevail, of course. Jesus said he would build his church on the rock of our knowledge of him as Lord and Saviour. And he said that the very gates of darkness would not be able to stand before us when we come in his name.

    Words ARE powerful – HalleluYah!


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