God’s Pleasure

Nearly a year has passed since I’ve been with the very first fellowship I helped start here in Virginia. I’ve missed them dearly.

Last night I got to be with them, share some stories of their beginnings, and convey a sense of God’s special pleasure and love towards them.

We all laughed and listened and talked – and there was life.

Most of the people there were new to me, because so many have been used by the Lord to go out from them to start other fellowships – and there are many, many generations of new believers and churches that have come from that one group.


Life reproducing life…

This morning, as I reflect on it all, it struck me: When did I become a grand pa and keeper of the stories?

I guess if we are lucky, it happens to all of us.

God is good, even if I’m too young to be gramps…

~ Jim


2 responses

  1. Your reflections are INVALUABLE to me and I suspect countless others, Jim! THANKS for sharing these words which encourage us! Abundant GRACE to you and your Lovely Marianne and your many grandkids, great-grandkids and . . . . . . . . . YEA GOD!


  2. Jim…if you don’t mind sharing a thought or two further…how in the world do you start such a thing? I mean the churchy mindset that church whatever happens inside a building on Sunday’s is so prevalent along with the passivity that says that the Pastor and listening to his sermon on Sunday’s is what we are supposed to be about as members of the Body is so prevalent that finding Christians, even just one, willing to do things the Bible way (i.e. where every one has something to bring to an assembly for the benefit of all) is near impossible.

    Did you like pray and fast for a month or something before the Lord led some to join you?

    Everyone around me here seems to like the old wine of traditional church such that they don’t want to try anything new (or should I say old?).

    Carlos (a voice crying in the wilderness of contented churchy folks)


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