Hip New Things

I tire of everyone with their “new thing”, hip new labels and conference extravaganzas – as they peddle their amazing new book, ministry, “revelation” or program.

Just go and do what Jesus commands, as He calls you to do it. It will look different in different people, cultures and places.

“Missional”, “Christocentricity”, “Neo-Evangelical” and even “Organic”…

Once you brand God’s call with a new label and convince everyone they need to hop on board, it’s likely already become dead.

Discern what’s good, and leave the rest behind.

~ Jim


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One response

  1. My favourite poem:
    The little front wave ran up on the sand
    and frothed there, wildly elated
    “I am the tide,” said the little front wave
    “And the waves before me are dated!”


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