The Fractured Logos

Fracturing The Logos of the Gospel:

This is another timely and important blog by Miguel Labrador.

As he points out, the “Christ is All” crowd has a fractured view of Jesus and scripture.

As I’ve discussed in my own blogs, those who follow existential authors like Frank Viola and his fellow itinerant “workers” like Milt Rodriguez, Jamal Jivanjee and Jon Zens, often create a Jesus in their own image based on their own sensibilities.

They then elevate their very postmodern Jesus over His own written word of scripture, under the mantra that “Christ is All” – such that Christ (or at least their perception of Him) trumps scripture.

As a result, they sever the Living Word from His written Word.

When called out, they make feeble assurances that they have a “high view” of scripture and think it is “inspired”, while nonetheless rejecting its plenary authority.

In fact, they follow the existential “theology” of Karl Barth, which elevates our own perceptions of Christ as higher revelation than God’s own chosen revelation of scripture. The result has been a pattern of anemic churches, introspective faith, weird doctrines and practices, manipulative and at times exploitive “leadership”, and self-referential “truth”.

In essence, they eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – by choosing their own subjective perceptions of Christ and His Church over His sovereign authority to objectively define what, in fact, is true, real and right.

Fortunately, more and more are looking behind the curtain and seeing what’s what.

I look forward to Miguel’s new series on keeping the Messenger integrated with His message – and us in sync with both!

5 responses

  1. In reading your article on Logos, and your friend Miquel’s also—is one more gentle reminder to re-examine myself.

    I notice that the Holy Spirit is bringing this topic to the forefront in the past few months. In the February and March editions of The Berean Call, both feature articles are about this issue in the church.

    Recently was given your website to read by a friend, and find it relevant and encouraging, because you are helping as well as talking. God bless you.


  2. I think it’s time to start putting out a general warning in House Church circles about problem leaders. I am going to begin doing so immediately.

    That is, leaders that have (perhaps unknowingly) pledged allegiance to a man-made philosophy/theology…and then treated that philosophy/theology as gospel, enough to create their own denomination. Those who don’t subscribe to their man-made theology are “out”, “anathema”, “enemies of the church”….and those who DO subscribe to the man-made theology are “in”.

    The warning is about you, Jim Wright. You have adopted a complicated, man-produced version of the Gospel, and are spreading it as the real thing. You may block those who disagree with you here, and on Facebook (especially when they have you in a bind over your love of man-made philosophy over the body of Christ); but people simply must be warned about you.

    It’s time for a fairly large-scale effort. As time allows, people will understand the issue.


    • I debated deleting this comment, because it crosses the line. It is not debating the issues, but goes instead into personal, ad hominen attack. It also falsely accuses me of saying things I never said, all to make a vitriolic point.

      This is one of many, incessant such posts by Jim Wehde – here and on my Facebook page.

      I have allowed this comment to remain public as an example of what is not permitted on this blog or on any forum I moderate, and as an example of why Jim is one of only three people I have ever blocked here.

      Also, Jim Wehde has been persistently protesting in other forums that I have blocked him because I disagree with his views. Nothing is further from the truth. There are other comments by him on my blog and on my Facebook page, which I have allowed even though he disagreed with me. But he then kept becoming more and more vitriolic in his attacks, and finally crossed over the line of civil debate. So he’s now blocked here and on Facebook.

      He is NOT blocked because we disagree. He IS blocked because he could not be civil and remain focused on the issues in his disagreement.


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