Crossroad Nugget

We spend more money on short term mission trips than we do on actually supporting the work of bringing forth indigenous churches.

2 responses

  1. Generally speaking, the mission trips you reference are about having a personal experience rather than simply supporting the mission. Anemic churches producing perpetually immature Christians pretending to be committed to missions, but actually committed to themselves. Just an opinion.


  2. Hi Jim,

    Personally I think that short term mission trips can complement the work of bringing forth indigenous churches and if we believe that God wants both then cost shouldn’t be an issue either way.

    We certainly don’t spend enough focus and effort on church planting culturally sensitive churches and, as a result, we don’t put a lot of our money in that direction. That said, this work need not be all that expensive. Here’s a 2 minute u-tube link that you and some of your readers may not have seen that shows the simplicity and, in part, the inexpensiveness of simple church: How to Explain Simple Organic Church in 2 Minutes on a Napkin

    China is always a good example of effective church growth through multiplying simple churches. It is also an example of inexpensive church planting. On the other hand, a church plant team that travels cross nationally over great distances, like Paul and co., would need more finances if and when they are not supporting themselves. But, like the alabaster flask of expensive ointment poured out on Jesus, the expense, if it’s on Jesus, should be of no concern to us.



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