Crossroad Nugget

Too often folks anxiously try to fix the fix that God has fixed to fix some problem. Never works. Never has, never will.

If you’re in a fix, own it and let God do His perfect work.

If someone else is in a fix, let them own it so God can do His perfect work!

4 responses

  1. Hmm…that’s a tough one Jim. I mean for me to figure out what you are referring to :). Not sure I grasp what you saying bro.

    Nothing personal. Might be just a case of a thick nugged (i.e. thick head) on my part.



  2. I think this a great thought. Too often, we few pain as our enemy. Very often it is through pain and hardship that the most beautiful things happen.


  3. It depends on the specific issue or fix that you are talking about. Yes it is best at times to back off and allow the Lord do the work in them so they can see God working in their lives but we are also commanded to be there for others with words of encouragement or perhaps we have learned something that we can use to help them thru the problem. If it is a lack of scriptural understanding then we need to apply the fix which is to guide them to the truth in scripture so they can experience victory.


  4. I think we really need to get beyond the fix, whatever it is, and start living the real meaning behind why we’re here. Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” I think we look at that as a trite saying and not as He meant it when He expressed it to his apostles. If we ask ourselves, truly ask, what did Jesus mean when He said that, and really delved into it as if it were an idea to be taken seriously and contended with on a personal level, what would the result be?
    Well, I have thought about it, and to a significant extent. The meaning for myself that I have come up with is that Jesus was saying “I have loved you in a significant way. I have shown you not only what it means to love others, but what it means to love yourselves. Give love as you have received it. You have been shown how to receive. You need to know that receiving matters because you have received from me. That is important. I have shown you what it means to receive. It feels good. I want you to learn from that and to expand it by sharing it. So, give, not because I say so as a just god who will punish you if you don’t, but because people need to feel loved. There is such a lack of love in the world. It matters that you care for yourselves especially. Because when you do you will be showing those around you that they can do it, too. So, go and love yourselves. You will be teaching the world how to love themselves, and it will spread.”


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