Obedience is like the tug of war game that my second grade students play every year on Field Day. Each team musters their forces together and strategically places the participants where they will be the most effective. Then, when the whistle blows, each side pulls with all of their might.

Often I find that my obedience to the Father’s plans is like that. I line up all of my reasons why I probably should not do what I feel the Father tug of warwants me to do; then, I try and justify my reasoning.

Fortunately, I am usually on the “losing” side of that tug of war because my heart’s desire is to be obedient and to do the will of my Father. However, my response is not always as instantaneous as I would like.

Jesus obeyed His Father. He said that He only did what was the will of the Father. What an example for us to follow! Can you imagine what our life and the lives of those around us would be if we only did the will of the Father?  What a testimony the Body of Christ could become!

We could help restore broken lives, give encouragement to the downtrodden, love the seemingly unlovable, be a father to the fatherless, bring hope to the hopeless, feed the multitudes, and heal the sick. We could advance God’s kingdom here on earth.

Actually, we can do all of those things because the Lord does give us the strength and grace to do the will of the Father. Often we just need to get rid of our selfishness, pride, laziness, independence or whatever it is that exerts itself over the will of the Father. Our rationalizations and justifications are not required. Obedience is simply us trusting that the Lord’s plans and purposes are for the best.

In the Old Testament the Israelites obeyed and their firstborn sons were passed over, and the walls of Jericho fell down and Rahab’s life was spared. In the New Testament, as the disciples obeyed the command to wait, the Holy Spirit fell on them in the upper room and supernatural power was released.

As we obey whatever the will of the Father is at that moment for us, supernatural power is also released. Maybe it is something as simple as praying, calling a person who has been on your heart, or bringing dinner to someone who is sick. If it is the will of the Father for you, then you are advancing God’s kingdom.

Obedience is like the tug of war game. When we feel the Lord’s tug on our heart, I pray that we will surrender our desires and quickly obey. We have a huge cloud of witnesses who are cheering us on to victory. Let us be willing to give it our all. When we do, we will see our obedience to doing the will of the Father become the vanguard for the Body of Christ.

The world is watching. What a difference we can make!

~ Marianne


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  1. This is excellent Marianne! The Lord taught me a long time ago that when I choose to obey the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, no matter how I feel beforehand, I will often “feel” His pleasure afterwards.


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