Burger King Jesus

Anyone promoting Jesus as some Burger King, who lets you "have it your way," is trying to sell you a Whopper!

Is Jesus our sovereign Lord and King, or some “have it your way” Burger King?

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    • I bought it on Amazon, but haven’t finished reading it. It has provoked me to do some independent research, which seems to confirm that “christos” (the Greek word translated “Christ”) would have been understood, when the NT was written, as indicating Kingship – i.e., one anointed as King. That has been provoking some of my recent posts! We want Jesus as all sorts of things, but seldom as sovereign King over our lives, our sensibilities, and our own autonomy. The buddy-buddy concept of Jesus being pushed today is so tragic. Yes, I have a relationship with Him – but on His terms!


  1. So true. It is not the disbelief in God that is going to send people to Hell (99% really believe that there is a God), it will be the unwillingness to submit their will to him.


  2. Sometimes I meet nonbelievers who have a better grip on this than some believers, which would make me think it is a self-deception rather than a satanic deception, not that it matters.
    Either way, it is a deception.


  3. So, its ok to buy and sell teachings? sounds like Burger King to me…Sounds like having it your way…Want fries with that strangled meat and leavened bread? How about a coke, its so much sweeter to taste than water…


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