No Apologies

I know I have been posting a lot lately on sex abuse by church “leaders” – like author and “apostolic worker” Frank Viola, Sovereign Grace Ministry’s head C.J. Mahaney, and the recent case we helped wrap up at Christ Chapel Assemblies of God involving allegations of abuse by several pastors.

I know I have also been posting a lot about those – like Jon Zens, Bart Breen and even otherwise respected leaders like Felicity Dale – who condone such abuse by seeking to excuse or cover it up through threats, lies, slander and intimidation.

These are not issues with which I ever wanted to become involved.

But sometimes we are placed in situations not of our choosing, and it creates a moral obligation to speak out – both to help the victims and to warn others where there has been no authentic, open repentance.

So here’s the deal: Marianne and I will stop talking about sexual predation and abuse in the church when victims stop walking through our door to seek help and healing from the harm they suffered.

Until then…

~ Jim Wright


4 responses

  1. the true man in Christ is not distracted into all that may present him, even as Jesus exampled. If the adversary can keep a man busy reviewing so much injustice in the world, why shouldn’t he? Another barker to evil’s advance? When ever has the targetting individuals effectively addressed systemic fault? Even the impeachment of a US President may leave him in his high office.
    For as long as there be religion, there will be horrific abuses. No amount of moral outrage can overcome the course of wickedness in this present world. Neither are church systems able to detour the same evils they foster. Is the Lord not calling, “Come out from among her, my people.”?


    • Yet, Marshall, some of the worse abuse and “circle the wagon” cover ups I’ve seen has been within the so-called “organic” church community, of which you have told me you are a part. Although our fellowships also hold to some of the core ideas of organic church, we are not so naive as to think that “coming out” of some “traditional” church system and into an “organic” system makes any real difference when it comes to the problem of sexual abuse by those who exploit their trust relationships. Evil is evil regardless of ecclesiology – and regardless of whether you want to label some other guy’s ecclesiology “religion” while denying the same label for your own, differing system of beliefs and practices.


  2. From my perspective you have not done any good with your public attack on Christ Chapel. I have no doubt the claims of mis conduct have some truthful basis. But really trying to destroy a Church is God’s work? I attend Christ Chapel and have for over 8 years. Sorry to break it to you lawyers but Churches are people and people are not perfect. We have all fallen. So tell me what good have you perpetuated. I have been Baptized in the Holy Spirit in the very church you try to destroy. I seek counsel but I guess you are successful in leaving Christians to fend on their own. Satan works to hardest on those that seek him the most. Part of the problem is there are way too many laws, to the point we have to have Lawyers to figure them all out. Personally I intend to keep going there and if there is something that is compellingly wrong I will approach it from scriptural basis and try to do what Jesus would do.


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