A Simple Cure for a Terminal Condition

Is it any wonder that a generation raised to believe it’s all about them has a hard time grasping that it’s all about God?snake-oil-salesman

They are easy prey for those peddling God’s amazing grace, love and acceptance, while rejecting repentance, truth and change.

The greatest deceptions, however, involve half truths.

Unfortunately, there’s just too much of this going around these days, and it’s terminal when it comes to healthy believers, healthy ekklesia and healthy nations.

Fortunately, there is a cure. God is raising up a new generation willing to embrace all of Christ – on His terms.

They understand that true discipleship means responding to His grace, love and acceptance with repentance, truth and change.

Some call this revolutionary.

If so, that’s only because it’s a fundamental return to the simple truths of scripture.

Any other gospel is a lie.

~ Jim Wright


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