Everyone Loves…


Everyone loves the poor, until asked to share a meal in their home with one.

Everyone loves mercy, until they have to embrace the actual mess of inconvenient victims.

Everyone loves justice, until it disturbs their comfort zones.


Everyone loves the prophetic, until it exposes sin among them.

Everyone loves grace, until it calls them to repent.

Everyone loves love, until it speaks truth.


Everyone loves to blog, until they have to live it.

Everyone loves to say, until they have to earn the right.

Everyone loves to tell, until they have to do.


Everyone loves community, until there is accountability.

Everyone loves discipleship, until they have to change.

Everyone loves Jesus, until He says He’s King.


Sometimes, “love” is not enough.


~ Jim Wright


2 responses

  1. Jim, this is a touching and true insight. Sacrificial love is the activity of reaching out in service to others. If involves the commitment of community doesn’t it? Thanks be to God that He did live among us and with us. He did not just wish us well, He made us well. He made us feel good about ourselves when everyone around us might consider us a social reject or not important enough for their time and attention. The “Word became flesh” when God got off His throne and lived with His people. God’s Word become flesh in us when we get off our thrones and live among those God would have us serve. Thank you for the reminder.


  2. Dear Jim,
    I can relate and agree with the majority of this here piece you have written. Especially the first one. I am a blessed middle lower class family of four and for the last three years have without complaint but rather thankfully lived on one of the most notorious and poor streets in my entire county. The first two years mostly without a vehicle aside from my old trusty bicycle. If people are in my house eating or if I’m eating with them wherever , they most likely poor, cause that’s about all I talk to and I can vouch for what you say concerning the poor and mercy for the downtrodden.

    “Everyone loves to say, until they have to earn
    the right.” Jim

    Earn the right to exercise our right to speak? No way. It’s Family not corporate policy.

    “Everyone loves to tell, until they have to do.” Jim

    No one should tell till they done done. But if they do so choose, they opened the door to be shown forth as a hypocrite by another that may so choose to call them out.

    “Everyone loves Jesus, until He says He’s King.” Jim

    Very True!

    “Sometimes, “love” is not enough.” Jim

    Love is always enough but not fraudulent absence of Spirit love as you meant by “love”.

    Have a nice day/night.

    Brian 🙂


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