Sometimes, because He’s gracious, Jesus asks us to surrender the very thing He created us to be good at or value, so He can then restore it under His Lordship.

Otherwise, we end up seeking after the gift, rather than the Giver.

Sometimes, the way of the Kingdom is through subtraction, rather than addition.

Sometimes, we find who we are when we give who we are … to Him.

~ Jim Wright


4 responses

  1. This sounds like the line from the songs…”He gives and takes away”; “All my changes come from Him,” etc. I have trouble with that, no matter how noble it sounds, because it paints a picture of a capricious God who may do just about anything. I much prefer the idea that “In everything He works of the good of those who love Him” where the changes come and He has the contingency plans firmly in hand to respont to eh mess that has been created by a world full of free will.


  2. Great post Jim, I went through something similar a while back. I actually wrote a post and preached sermon. For me it was when ministry became my idol. I had my focus more on the work than on the one I was working for.


  3. This reminds me of a huge mistake I made in my past.
    The Lord had revealed my “calling” to me and it had been verified many times and ways.
    I seen a preacher with title of Evangelist preach , now I know he was a false prophet, but then I didn’t.
    that “love” will get you!
    I wanted that dudes power, his abilities, but as I stated, they was false works, prophecies and doctrines but I was blinded by my Desire.
    Thankfully the Lord didn’t reap my own way upon my head for too long. He allowed me my foolish yearn to tap into that sorcery and I quickly learned the spirits can come upon us for to harm. Thankfully the Lord is most gracious and showed me a more perfect way.
    but yes, what we think we want will fry us in the long run.


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