A Thanksgiving Suggestion

We need to stop!

Every time we meet someone who has no family in the area or is homeless, Marianne and I invite them to spend Thanksgiving (an American holiday) with us.

thanksgiving-tableEach year, our home is filled with family and new friends, but this year we may have more guests than seats – even with several tables!

Somehow, I’m sure we’ll figure out how to fit everyone in, make them feel at home, and have a great day of food, laughter and fellowship.

How about also reaching out to those who have no home or family this year?

Invite them to your home and your table.

You will be blessed even more than them.

~ Jim and Marianne Wright


2 responses

  1. My husband and I have lived in central Europe for 13 years and our Thanksgiving dinner is designed to invite ex-pats to who have no place to go and “be American” for a day. Not all of our guests are believers, but we blatantly spend time thanking God for the blessings he has given us,even singing our thanks to HIm. we’ve had international school teachers, missionaries, contract workers from the local army base, embassy workers, locals that lived in the US for a time, couples wherein one spouse is American and one is local, university professors, and more. It is always a sweet time of sharing, encouragement, and praising God.


  2. My husband and I have invited others in to our home for dinner in some of our past Thanksgivings and Christmases. Not on the large scale you are doing this year, but sometimes with one or two others. It has always been an awesome blessing to us! Thank you for encouraging the body of Christ to do this! Sometimes we get too comfortable in our walk and forget that there are many others who have nowhere to go on the holidays!


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