Christmas: To Be or Not to Be

I don’t give a hoot whether you celebrate Christmas or don’t.

Let’s learn to honor the Lord in our own choice, while respecting those who likewise honor the Lord – but choose differently – in this non-essential matter of personal conscience.

As the Lord admonishes us in Scripture:

“One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. The one who observes the day, observes it in honor of the Lord…” Rom. 14:5-6.

Seriously, let’s just chill out and accept that God in His grace allows freedom of conscience on issues like this.

On such non-essentials, do what your own conscience, under God, dictates – while affirming the right of others to do the same.

~ Jim Wright



12 responses

  1. I understand what your saying and agree to an extent.

    But we all should strive to speak the same things.

    We should strive for truth.


    If the Bible teaches Jesus birth and it wasn’t during the “Christmas season”, then wouldn’t we be in absolute error of celebrating in that fashion?

    Is the Christmas spirit the Holy Spirit?


  2. Should we likewise keep things in perpective with the attachment of some to certain days dedicated to “the saints” of the calendar? On behalf of the freedom that the Bible bestows us?
    If the people of Elohim want to follow the rabbis with their freedom vis-à-vis the law of YHWH, Christianity is just dejudaised rabbinism.
    Christmas is counterfeit money. Counterfeit currency can circulate thousand years it will still remain forgery. Exactly as the tree trunk in the water does not become crocodile.


  3. I personally may not see much merit in Christmas, but there is no clear prohibition in scripture on Christians observing holidays and I certainly would never create binding doctrine from scriptural silence.

    I see folks who celebrate Christmas as a way to honor Christ. I may not feel the same way, but I refuse to disparage them on something that is not clear in scripture.

    In non-essentials, let’s allow liberty with an attitude of charity. I honor those who do, and don’t, celebrate Christmas – and refuse to impose my measure of grace in this area on others.


  4. There is also no biblical prohibition on: Indulgences, the sign of the cross, purgatory, rosary, the revered dead called “saints”, beatification, sacrificing the mass, canonization, papacy, the almighty Reverend Doctor Senior Pastor, professional song leader, choir, worship team …
    Elohim let men do so many things; it is not worth permission. King David, a man after Elohim’s heart, broke all the ten commandments.
    Turning a transgression into a tradition is not a sign of faithfulness to the Almighty.
    All the traditions of men are pitfalls to a sanctified and authentic life in the Messiah Yeshua.
    Of course, every one is free to celebrate what some call “Jesus’s birthday” on December 25th.
    But if you are in Christ, it is your duty to remind each and every one that the commemoration of the Birthday of the Lord called Christmas is not in the Bible. And is definitely not Christian, but Churchian.


  5. I love Jesus deeply, and have for many years. I love to celebrate Christmas.

    Jim loves Jesus deeply and has for many years. He doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

    Jim & I have known each other 41 years, love each other, and love the liberty in Christ that allows Romans 14:5-6 to be fully expressed in both of us. Neither of us has ever demanded the other to walk in our own grace regarding Christmas. We simply love each other and would lay our life down to serve the other.

    As Jim said, “In non-essentials, let’s allow liberty with an attitude of charity.” The celebration, or non-celebration of Christmas, is way down on the list (as in not even on the list) of New Testament admonitions. Gotta run now . . . back to “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


    • Actually, Bob, you don’t know if I do or don’t. A lot can change in 41 years, and we’ve not kept up with each other that closely – although hopefully that may change. And one of my favorite movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. 🙂


      • That’s true Jim. I don’t know. I wasn’t sure whether to put in the comment, “He doesn’t celebrate Christmas”, because it has been so many years. The beautiful thing is, my love and respect for you is in no way dependent on that. Which is precisely the point you made in the beginning. Thank you!


  6. It’s not a matter of loving the Lord. Those who celebrate Christmas of course love the Lord. Those who oppose the celebration also love the Master. The issue is one of abiding in man-made traditions or not. And Yeshua/Jesus taught us a clear lesson on the titanic power of tradition on the very word of Elohim/God: “And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of Elohim, that ye may keep your own tradition.” (Mark 7:9)
    Scripture or Tradition.


  7. Some peoples Jesus is like the world, some peoples Jesus ain’t.

    That’s two different Jesus at work.

    You can say what you want and justify what you will but the truth will never change.

    Many people worship devils unaware and even though Jesus taught us this most will argue it all the way to hell.


  8. The “respecting others” line caught my attention. Respect & disrespect comes in many forms. We must keep our eyes open so that we are not being disrespectful of others decision to celebrate or not celebrate Christmas.


  9. The verse with which you made your case, Jim, is Rom. 14:5-6. It referred to specific days, as Christmas was not established until the Romans created Christ’s Mass in order to find middle ground for those who wanted to celebrate Saternalia (a distinctively immoral holiday). If those are the facts, then I would say, first, that Romans 14 was and is applicable only to the holidays that Romans 14 refers to. The only way to apply Romans 14 to other holidays would be to find a conclusive logical link between the two. Anything less would be poor Bible study. Second, our God is alive, and he has personal preferences. If we are going to find out what pleases him, we should at least be familiar with the history of any holiday that we are willing to commit ourselves to.


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