Which Jesus?

Which Jesus?

This is a burning question for the organic church community – as well as other reform movements.

Do we embrace a fabricated Jesus, or the authentic Jesus?

To the extent organic churches and other reforms have failed to gain traction or been derailed in the U.S., it’s mainly because they’ve been seduced by those who promote a fabricated Jesus – while concurrently rejecting the plenary authority of scripture as His written Word.

Interestingly, although they write books and blogs about organic church, most of them have no history of successfully creating or being able to function in any actual, sustainable local fellowship.

Hmmm… I wonder why???

For those who persist in promoting their dead-end, fabricated Jesus among folk who are hungry for real reform, here’s my humorous re-write of the childhood song, Jesus Loves Me, which I first published in October 2012:

Jesus Loves Me

(An existential version of that favorite childhood song.
Have some fun by singing along as you read it.)

Jesus loves me, this I know.
Postmodern grace has made it so.
With His Spirit in my heart,
External truth now has no part.


Did Jesus tell me?
Oh, how can I know?
I feel Jesus told me,
I hope that makes it so.

Additional Verses:

The Bible says that I must go,
Proclaim His Word – oh no no no!
Now existential I’ve become,
‘Cause His commands just leave me numb

My sense of Jesus is true light,
I do not worry what is right.
With my sensibilities,
I do not need moralities.

The Bible’s NOT the Word of God!
My own perceptions earn my nod.
The Jesus I have come to see,
Surprisingly looks just like me.

I only want the Living Word.
The Bible seems just too absurd!
Now I perceive reality,
The way I want it all to be.

~ Jim Wright


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