The Gospel of the Kingdom

Until we understand that the Gospel preached by Jesus was the “Gospel of the Kingdom”;

That “Christ” wasn’t His last name, but meant “the King”;

And that He claimed “all authority” over all things,

Both in heaven, and “on Earth”…

Then we will never fulfill His command to make “disciples”,

Either of individuals, or of “all nations”.

Jesus: He’s more than a feeling.

The Gospel: It’s more than about me.

Discipleship: It doesn’t stop with just us.

~ Jim Wright


3 responses

  1. That “Christ” wasn’t His last name, but meant “the King

    Christ, from Latin ‘Christus’, from Greek ‘Kristos’ is the translation of the Hebrew word Mashiah, which means: “the anointed one”.
    In the First Testament, there are some Anointed persons, called to be kings, who are not the Ultimate Messiah, the Shiloh announced in Gen. 49:10. David was anointed and was King. Was he the Anointed One, the Mashiah? No. Jesus/Yeshua is the Anointed One and happens to be also the King of Kings, the seed of King David, and He was given All authority in Heaven and on Earth. Before time.
    Of course, the usage in Semitic contexts is to link the title ‘Mashiah’ with the one of ‘King’: then our Savior is Melekh Ha Moshiah Yeshua i.e. the King Yeshua the Messiah.


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