Crossroad Nugget

I’m more interested in going, and letting Christ come alive among you and your friends, than expecting you to come and find Him among me and my friends.

Such is the heart of the Great Commission.

3 responses

  1. Amen. As I probably told you before, when I was teaching Church History, I would often say, “The worst thing we did was build a church building.” I would explain to the students that we stopped going out to the lost and demanded that they make their way to us while we sit in our buildings. I still feel that way. I love home groups / home churches, because we are making relationships, bringing God to our neighbors and friends rather than just simply inviting them to a building somewhere, we are opening ourselves for relationship.


  2. Thanks Jim, for opening your home and your life to so many. I love the wonderful example you set for all of us who know you.


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