Shining in Dark Places

Frustated 'cause your life is dull? Try shining in some dark places! ~

Lights find their purpose where it’s darkest.

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  1. Jim, thank you for this…
    I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if I had lost my mind. I have invited a desperate blog reader to come stay at my house for an indefinite period of time. I know what she carries with her and it’s dangerous. I came online to see if there was anyone in my network who might be better qualified to take her, but there’s a persistent Scripture ringing in my mind, “I was a stranger and you took Me in.” Then I saw your post in my inbox and I clicked over here… and there is the same Scripture.

    You are right, there is no better place to shine, even if it is dangerous, than the dark. Simple yet profound.

    Against all logic and previous ministry training, I believe I am to take her in. Thank you for posting this today – it gives me so much more confidence.


    • Ah… Now the messy reality of real hurt and the hard work of true grace and painful redemption begins. So few are willing to step out of their comfort zones by embracing and bringing broken people into their own lives.

      Sometimes it turns out well, and sometimes it doesn’t. God doesn’t promise one way or the other, because it always comes down to their choices. He just calls us to be there for them, in obedience to His actual prompting, as His salt and His light. But it is amazing how many lives Marianne and I have seen redeemed because we cared enough to obey by touching the brokenness of others.

      Connecting with brokenness is never easy. But it has always ultimately transformed us for the better – even when it has been the most challenging.


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