The “Missional” Trap


“Missional” seems to have become yet another buzz word used by gifted leaders to rally God’s people around their own callings and motivations.

It all sounds so good, but it becomes a trap when the Great Commission is reduced to one man’s vision and mission – especially if all the other gifts, callings and Kingdom imperatives in the New Testament then get pushed aside or made to play second fiddle.

We need to wake up to the fact that the New Testament doesn’t talk in terms of “mission”. Rather, we are told to serve – each according to the unique gifts God gives based on our diverse callings.

When we understand “mission” as “calling”, and that we are equipped to serve in our different callings by becoming functional parts of a multifaceted but integrated Body of Christ, we then have the confidence to boldly go forth and fulfill the Great Commission in whatever sphere of life and in whatever wonderfully diverse way God wants.

Turning the Great Commission into a single imperative is just as destructive as building a local church around one man’s ministry.

Let’s stop making the same old mistakes in new ways – no matter how pithy the new label.

There is no cookie-cutter “mission” in the Great Commission.

~ Jim Wright


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