God’s Noble Warriors

Bob and Mary Jane Wright

Bob and Mary Jane Wright

Today mom and I will go to the Veterans Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where my dad is in hospice care after serving his country for twenty years as a Naval officer and aviator.

He also nobly served the Kingdom of God most of his adult life – and understood there was no contradiction between those two roles.

While at the Medical Center, we will honor him and others who guarded our nation and served as warriors, when needed, to protect us from harm. Mom will also honor the staff, who are now serving my dad as he closes out a lifetime of service to others, by sharing a pineapple upside down cake she baked for them last night.

In the Navy, Dad saw much combat, suffered life-long disabilities from his decades of service, and lost many friends who also served. But he always counted it a privilege to have watched over the United States, just like he also watched over the Kingdom of God.

I honor him and all who sacrifice to protect us, because Jesus tells us in Romans 13 that civil authorities are given the sword as “ministers of God” to insure justice, stop evildoers and protect the innocent.

Those who honorably serve as warriors in the armed forces to defend others and stop evil also serve God, and deserve the gratitude of a grateful nation.

Let’s not forget them this Veterans Day.

~ Jim Wright


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  1. Amen. I love veterans and make it a point to always tell them I appreciate their service. People always hate war and end up not realizing how much they sacrificed.


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