Men With Chests

C.S. Lewis bemoaned, in The Abolition of Man, that the West was becoming a culture of men without chests – meaning we have either lost the courage of our God-given convictions or in many cases denied those virtues altogether.


Offending the Offensive

This is amply illustrated by relativistic “tolerance”, which has been used for too long as a counterfeit “virtue” to attack what is true, beautiful and moral.

Lately, however, those who rationalize Jihadist atrocities in the name of “tolerance” – and who then protest that we must not “offend” Islam – are causing more and more people to reject the moral bankruptcy of their squishy relativism.

Let’s be clear: There is no right in a free society against being offended, and the right to offend that which is offensive goes to the very foundation of a free society.

Deny the right to offend the offensive, and evil will prevail.

Jesus did not shy away from offending and even physically confronting those who used religion in His day to promote bondage and evil. He also told us to confront evil, and in Romans 13 says it is the distinct duty of civil government to use the sword, if needed, to protect the innocent from those who would do evil.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying to deliberately offend, be personally offensive or spew hate. That would not be virtuous.

However, neither should we shy away from the offense of confronting what is false, ugly and wrong among those who promote or do evil – even if it means using satire to drive our point home or using State power, as needed, against those who are hell-bent on turning our freedoms against us.

Let’s be men with chests, who once again confront evil with courage, conviction and clarity.

~ Jim Wright



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