Memorial Day

This video (despite the goofy background music!) brought back lots of memories of the time we lived in Newfoundland, Canada.

Robert Russell Wright

Quantico National Cemetery

In the 1960s, my dad, Robert Wright, was stationed there as a navy pilot in VW-13 (the sister squadron to the video’s VW-11, but same air base, planes and mission). Although I was in elementary school, I remember well many of the scenes shown in this video!

My dad’s mission was to fly Super Connies over the North Pole for early radar detection as part of the North American missile defense system. While there, he and my mom encountered Jesus (or maybe I should say that Jesus encountered them) and their lives became devoted to advancing His Kingdom while also serving our nation.

Later, he did two tours of duty in Vietnam as a Naval aviator and squadron commander, where he saw combat and lost friends while also earning two Presidential Unit Citations and being awarded the Air Medal. He also was exposed to Agent Orange and suffered heart damage which eventually contributed to his service-related death decades later.

This Memorial Day, let’s not forget those who served with honor and gave their lives to defend others.

~ Jim Wright


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  1. Hello Jim

    I wish to thank you for your posting on Memorial Day! The TRIBUTE TO YOUR FATHER was very touching!
    We are a military family and miss our brother Scott Kidwell , an Army Reserve pilot who served in Southeast Asia, during Viet Nam and passed in 1988! The kind of a sarcoma cancer that took his life , evidentially , was one of the first to have been considered due to Agent Orange exposure. Sadly, there has never been any formal acknowledgement from our government, only contact from the Brotherhood Locating me and expressing regret after learning of Scott’s death and informing me they were having their rate of cancer deaths tracked by the government .
    Scott left a young wife and two small sons who grew up to be well educated and wonderful Christian young men , just like their dad.
    We decorate Scott’s grave each Memorial Day with our own American flag, as his family! To my knowledge his death was never OPENLY acknowledged to have been “service connected”. I have searched for someone who knew Scott and could give a little “closure” for his boys, most especially! To no end,sadly!

    I realize that a lot of the work done by these men must “go to their grave with them”, and although we have “very precious ASSURANCE from the ALWAYS LOVING GOD WE SERVE that in Heaven there will be no parting, if you have any thoughts that you might add I will be ever so very thankful!


    Carolyn Kidwell

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