The Impossible

Often it seems that the Lord places “the impossible” directly in our path and nothing we can do will change or alleviate the circumstances.

impossible giraffe“The impossible” are situations totally out of our control and they frequently converge within our normal everyday life. At times like these we have to look beyond what we can do. Our solutions are so finite, whereas His solutions are eternal.

Recently I have been pondering “the impossible” since it seems like the Lord is illuminating two impossible situations. Sometimes it is hard to know how to pray because there is nothing that I can do to change them. I might be able to give some advice, but in reality, my input can do nothing to alter the outcomes. They are literally and figuratively life and death.

For me it would be easier if the Lord presented me with smaller situations that probably could be answered fairly quickly. Having mostly impossible ones is frustrating because it seems like the answer to prayer is often delayed or might never come.

Then too I struggle with whether I should put these new ones on the “Miraculous List” I keep. I have seen incredible answers to prayers that were in the almost impossible category. I usually don’t add anything to my miraculous list unless I sense it’s the Lord. Now I struggle with whether I should add the last two seemingly impossible situations and trust that the Lord, who still does miracles, will once again reach down and redeem each situation.

I do believe that the Lord loves to do the miraculous. In the New Testament He helped the people see His Godhead through the miracles He performed. A few loaves and fish fed a multitude, the blind saw, lepers were healed, and the man took up his pallet and walked. I am sure that each of these individuals believed that their physical condition could not be changed, yet transformation occurred with only a word.

I think one of the most challenging aspects is that we do not see behind the scenes. Who knows what the Lord is doing … changing hearts, removing obstacles, straightening the paths? His ways are immeasurable.

So during the season where we celebrate the birth of our Lord, let us also remember that God did the impossible. God willingly became a flesh and blood man and was born of a virgin. The impossible did happen and still does. Let us hold on to the truth that we serve a God who delights in making the impossible happen. Hallelujah!

~ Marianne


2 responses

  1. Wonderful to see a new post as I have enjoyed each one of them so much. They hit the mark in all of our lives and give hope for every situation. Keep them coming!


  2. He see possibility,we see doubt and unbelieve thinking we trust him our Lord in fear we lost focus and get depressed.when believe God and pray go and play games before you finish he answer because you ask in his name.


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