The Web

Spider webs are beautifully and intricately woven. They are incredibly strong, and for the spider’s prey, very deadly.  If you brush up against one unexpectedly, you might involuntarily shudder; but when the sun shines on a dew-covered web, you marvel at its spider web 2exquisiteness. It is the exact same web seen from two different perspectives. Webs can be a protection or they can lead to destruction.

Most people have probably heard the story of the soldier who hid in the cave while he anticipated being captured by the enemy. Then a spider wove a web across the entrance. The enemy did not enter the cave because the web gave the appearance that the cave had been unoccupied for a long time. The spider’s web became the man’s protection.

When the Lord creates our web, He can use it to shield and protect us. Sometimes, we need to retreat or regroup for a short time. Often, when I am in a “Wait” season, I feel like I am enclosed in a dark cave of uncertainty with a subsequent lack of direction. For me, waiting is difficult. It’s not that I feel like I’m floundering, but it is hard to not have a clear direction especially when it concerns important, life changing decisions.

The Lord often asks us to wait. It is during these times that He helps strengthen our spiritual character. We must be still, listen and keep an open heart. During the waiting season I must choose to “Be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Ps. 27:14)

I believe that sometimes during the waiting season, the Lord also uses the web to protect us from attacks. While we are waiting, we are more vulnerable to quitting or pushing our own agenda. In His great mercy, He uses His web to ensnare our enemy. Often, we are unaware of His divine intervention.

In nature, the web can be deadly for the insects that get entangled as they either inadvertently, or purposefully, try to go through the web. We can also make the same mistake. When we get impatient and decide to do things our way or “help” the Lord, disaster often awaits us. Then we see the results of our folly.

Waiting requires me to trust that the Lord will accomplish His purposes. Waiting requires that we know that His plans are for our best.

So, if you find yourself in the cave while you wait, pull up a chair. Rest, look towards the light and enjoy the splendor, intricacy and magnificence of the sparkling web. The God of all creation will use it to glorify Himself and bring about His purposes. He only makes masterpieces.






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  1. An excellent post that brings clarity to what many of us are going through right now. It brings joy and peace to my heart and the ability to listen to the wisdom and direction God gives during the waiting times, Thank you, dear one, for sharing this.


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