Some Good Reads…

Two recent blogs I liked are:

Giving in Simple Church, by Tim Day.

Like Tim, Marianne and I reject the idea that Christians are obligated to tithe or that the tithe carries over into the New Covenant. But like Tim, we still give at least 10% of our income because we feel that’s what God wants of us personally, as we help and serve others.

Tim’s blog provides some very balanced, practical insight on giving.

The Changing Face of Full-Time Ministry, by Alan Knox.

We need to move past the old mentality of “full-time ministry” and realize that we all are ministering Christ full time.

Both of these brothers, and their blogs, should be on your “must read” list.

~ Jim


The Mythology of Tithing

Did you know that tithing is never mentioned once in the New Testament, except for a few references in the context of Old Testament practice?

Money or Life?

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for nearly a year now, but just didn’t have the energy to face all of the likely rage from those who have a vested interest in promoting the tithe as a sacred cow of the institutional church.

So here’s the simple fact: Tithing is not ever mentioned in the New Testament as something for Christians to do or as a valid practice within the church.

Nope, nada, zip, nyet, just not there!

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