A friend posted this short video on Facebook and it’s too precious, timely and relevant to pass up. As you listen, may God mercifully and lovingly wound you in order to heal you.

It’s by Paul Washer, who I first mentioned in a blog back in March (see God Is Not Passive). His burden for the Church touched my heart then, and continues to do so now.

One response

  1. Authentic, apostolic and Accountable. What a strong and powerful message. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. We/I am called to an authentic relationship with Christ.. and that means change.. in all that I am, all that I do. Painful, burning, joyous and most of all gentle.

    Having been raised in an Evangelical church.. where the ‘bop theory of salvation’ was prevalent, it is no wonder that we ‘older’ Christians call out for an authentic dialoge, an authentic head, and an accountable body of Christ Jesus.



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