This is another YouTube video posted by a friend on Facebook (give credit where credit is due!). It’s a hilarious spoof on worship.

It’s good, sometimes, to laugh even if it’s at ourselves!

Seriously, though, this raises a valid question on whether “contemporary” worship – in some regards – has become too performance based.

2 responses

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you, sir, for this hilarious video! I think they have been watching me during worship.

    * 1:48
    * 3:08


  2. Worship is acknowledging the main source of your living.Every creature worships one way or the other;some their kings,queens,wives,husband,stones,rivers even cars showing that they are the reason for their living.
    For Christians we ought to worship not only in churches but everywhere,for our creator if not for anything but the breath of our lives,cos when there is life there is future and as we acknowledge him,He who holds the future will certainly make it pleasant.
    Believers,lets not forget the thanks of man as we worship God,cos God will bless us by using man,as the scripture says,I will cause man to bless you.
    God has to touch someone to touch you,you can be either one and don’t forget man needs to be encouraged to yield himself fully to be a blessing.God had to tell Moses to encourage Joshua to take the mantle to be a blessing to the Israelites.Worship and thanksgiving,the secret to success beyond measure.


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